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Hello & Welcome to Amazon Sharks!

Would you like to: 
  • Start your own business...
  • Quit your job...
  • Pay off debt...
  • Take holidays whenever you want...
  • Spend more time on things you LOVE doing...
  • Have less stress & more money... 
Does this all sound like a late-night commercial for a shady multi-level marketing program?

It sure does!

I did this on purpose because—as cliche as this all sounds—it is truly achievable by creating a successful Amazon operation that sells your own private-label products on the world’s fastest- growing eCommerce platform!

If you’ve ever ordered anything from Amazon, you’ll have noticed that they actually only sell a small portion of the millions of products available on their website. Most of the products you see on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers—just ordinary people like you and me! Amazon takes care of the warehousing, order processing, shipping, and even customer support, meaning your only job is to source products and promote your listings!

In the US, this business model has become extremely popular. Thousands of people have taken advantage of this opportunity, and there are sellers who make seven and eight figures in sales on Amazon alone. Some have even become multi-millionaires along the way! It has never been a better time to get into this game by taking advantage of Amazon’s fastest-growing marketplace—Amazon UK!

Personally, I have been selling on Amazon for last three years and, in this time, I have launched three separate Amazon businesses—all of which I’m proud to say have been profitable from day one!

In fact, I recently started a brand new Amazon business from scratch and made £320,000 in sales in first 18 months! 

And the good news is, I have documented it on my blog, so you can see all the details of that venture firsthand:
Show me another platform or another business opportunity where it would be possible (and legal) to grow at such fast speed and make a profit from day one! 

There are none! 

At least, there are no options that would be legal and achievable for normal people, working with relatively small budgets. That’s the beauty of Amazon. It is a global marketplace stocked with products by ordinary people around the world, that are purchased by ordinary people around the world. Millions of them!
Here are just a few advantages
of selling on Amazon:
  • You can start out with very limited funds;
  • You don’t have to deal with warehousing, order processing, or shipping;
  • You can work at your own pace to expand and grow your business internationally;
  • You can make money while you sleep, watch TV or eat donuts;
  • You can finally be your own boss and set your own schedule, and you can take a day off whenever you need to;
  • You can work from home in your pajamas—or not wear anything, if that’s your thing!
No other eCommerce business model is so accessible and provides so many advantages at the entry level. The best part is that right now, at this very moment, Amazon is still in a growing phase, which means there are thousands of great product opportunities that sellers starting out can create very profitable businesses around.

I won’t bore you with my life story, past achievements, or reasons why an Amazon business is the hottest business opportunity of our time. If this is the first time you are hearing from me, I highly recommend you check out the FREE Amazon video on my blog That will explain in detail why starting your own Amazon business is the FUTURE of eCommerce!
Amazon Sharks - Let Me Show
You HOW MONEY is Made on Amazon UK!
Today I want to talk about my BRAND NEW Amazon Sharks Video Course! 

Amazon Sharks is your ULTIMATE guide on how to create a highly successful private-label products business on Amazon UK! I have spent hundreds of hours creating this comprehensive video course, and if you stick with me long enough, you’ll see exactly why this is the ONLY program on Amazon selling you’ll ever need.

In more than 100 video lessons, I will guide you through the entire process of setting up your Amazon business from scratch. Using my own experience, I’ll guide you step by step through EVERYTHING you need to know about launching and running a successful, profitable Amazon business!

There are 10 modules in the program. Each module is made up of a number of detailed video lessons, a helpful next steps video, and a FAQ page where I address the most commonly asked questions. The program is specifically designed to fast-track you through the process of building your Amazon business, meaning you’ll achieve more with Amazon Sharks in 10 weeks than most people do in an entire year on their own.

Let's take a closer look at topics covered in each module...
Module 1 - Starting Out
One of the keys to success in building a profitable Amazon business is starting out right. In the first module of the course, I’ll take you through the fundamentals of building a successful Amazon private-label products business from the ground up. 

This includes critical lessons on business registration, the differences between various Amazon accounts, everything you need
to know about Value Added Tax, Amazon fees, the basics of accounting, and other topics related to getting started, so you’re not going in blind or getting hit with surprises down the road. 

You will also receive an overview of the Amazon seller accounts and specific instructions on the next steps you need to take to prepare yourself for the second module.
We’ll cover topics like:
  • Amazon FBA Business Model - you’ll learn how FBA business works, the main advantages of this business, and WHY it is the future of eCommerce.

  •  Private Label Products - you’ll learn why Amazon Sharks is specifically based around private-label products, what exactly that means, and how ANYONE can take advantage of this concept to create unique, high-value products to sell on Amazon on a global scale.  

  • Business Registration -  you’ll learn when to register with HMRC, which business form to choose, and why it’s important to make this decision before you even open your Amazon seller account.

  • Value Added Tax - in this video, you’ll learn in which situations you should register for VAT immediately and when you can wait until you reach the VAT registration threshold.  

  • Amazon Account – you’ll learn what types of seller accounts exist, which one you should to sign-up for, and how to ensure your account doesn’t get banned after the registration and verification process is completed.

  • Amazon Fees – you’ll learn what fees are charged by Amazon, and how they differentiate based on the products you sell and what account type you have. 

  • Seller Central Overview – a complete overview of the Amazon seller account and how to navigate around it, where to find the most important settings, and the best way to get in touch with Amazon when you need help! 

  • Accounting - the Amazon Sharks course doesn’t go into great detail on how to keep accounts for eCommerce - it’s more focused on getting your business profitable—but you will find general advice on the best ways to take care of bookkeeping for your Amazon account, including the best tools and services available for this task.
Okay, so the topics covered in the first module may sound a little boring, but they’re actually VERY important! In fact, failure to get these “boring” fundamentals in place from the start is exactly why so many new sellers fail. They ignore the basics and jump blindly into the fun stuff.

Amazon is particularly strict on the account registration process, verification, and other details. Being lazy in the registration process could mean suddenly losing your selling privileges later on because of a silly mistake. Knowing how to do things right from the first step lets you eliminate so many problems before you even get started.

The same can be said for VAT registration. There are specific cases when you absolutely have to register for VAT immediately and others when you can wait.

To summarise, Module 1 guides you through the crucial first steps for selling successfully on Amazon. Making mistakes at this stage is NOT an option, so if you watch all the videos in this module carefully and follow the advice to the letter, you can completely avoid the common pitfalls that new Amazon sellers frequently fall victim to.
Module 2 - Market Research
Once all the basics are covered, we‘ll start work on the Market Research process to find that perfect product or products for your Amazon business.
This module covers key topics like:
  • Buying Power – get this part wrong and you’re DONE before you even start selling! Knowing your buying power is crucial—it lets you identify the exact price range of products you can source directly from manufacturers while maintaining a healthy price and quantity ratio. 

  •  Products to Avoid – you’ll discover that there are certain groups of products that come with many problems; they have high return rates, high defect rates and a whole range of other headaches. I’ve compiled a detailed list of products you should absolutely avoid, as well as information for more advanced students on how to exploit these high-risk product categories to your advantage.   

  • The Perfect Product – in this section, you’ll learn to identify the characteristics of a perfect product to sell on Amazon. You’ll follow these exact guidelines when completing your market research process to guarantee you select only the best and most profitable products. 

  • Gated Categories – you’ll learn about gated categories on Amazon, how to deal with them, and why they matter. I share my personal advice and firsthand experience so you have the best chance of getting approved by Amazon to sell in gated categories.  

  • Prohibited Goods – a quick overview of the products you actually can’t sell on Amazon, as well as those you can sell on but can’t use FBA for.  

  • Jungle Scout – you’ll get access to my detailed overview of the world's most popular Amazon research software. In this overview, I cover all the key features in detail, as well as my advice on which tools and plans you should sign up for. 

  • Finding Product Ideas – a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to use the various tools and product discovery methods to identify dozens (or hundreds) of profitable products to sell on Amazon! 

  • Product Validation – you’ll learn the most efficient and practical way to filter out good product ideas from bad by quickly validating the product’s demand, competition, seasonality and other factors. You’ll learn how to identify whether a product has potential or not on Amazon in as little as 10 seconds! 

  • In-Depth Research – in the final stage of the market research process, we’ll take a deep dive into manually researching your products, checking out your competition, finding ways to stand out, product improvement, bundling, and other ideas to ensure success!
Step by step, I will guide you through the Market Research process. By the time you’re through this module, identifying and validating product ideas will come effortlessly to you. I will share my own tried-and-tested methods of finding product ideas and show you exactly how to validate demand, competition, and long-term potential, so you only pick best products with the greatest potential.

Many people are terrified of the Market Research process because they can’t find good product ideas. The truth is, they just don’t have a blueprint for recognising good products when they discover them. Not anymore! In this module, you’ll learn tried-and-tested ways of finding products so you don’t even have to brainstorm for ideas. Once you get started, you’ll spot great product ideas everywhere!

You’ll discover that the product itself is actually NOT the most important part of the puzzle when it comes to selling on Amazon, and how almost any product can be sold successfully by using some simple but effective strategies that are only used by a handful of top sellers.

By the end of this module, you’ll have at least one great product selected and you’ll be ready to move onto next stage of the course....
Module 3 - Product Sourcing
Module 3 is the biggest, meatiest, most important module in the whole Amazon Sharks course! Coming up with great ideas is important, but ideas aren’t worth a penny if you can’t source the products at the right price and for the right terms.

I’ve covered product sourcing in great detail so you have the absolute best, most actionable information and training on hand to guide you through dealing directly with manufacturers, how to secure the lowest prices, managing easy shipping, and setting up payment processes.
In this module, I will cover topics like: 
  • Finding Suppliers – you’ll follow super simple, step-by-step instructions on how to create a huge list of suppliers that sell your product. Just follow this guide and you’ll have a comprehensive list of reliable suppliers in just a few hours.  

  •  Contacting Suppliers – in this video, you’ll learn the best strategies for contacting suppliers, how to get the conversation started, the exact questions you MUST ask suppliers before you place an order, and everything else related to information gathering from potential suppliers. 

  • Costs Explained – in order for you to make informed product-sourcing decisions, I’ll break down the exact method I use to quickly and easily calculate all the costs associated with importing goods. 

  • Profit – the main goal of any business is to make as big a profit as possible, yet so many new sellers waste time and money on unprofitable products. In this video, I’ll share the tools I personally use to calculate potential profit levels on Amazon, what kind of numbers you need to look for margin-wise, and what minimum profit levels are acceptable.   

  • Product Samples – before you place any big orders with suppliers, you should order samples to check product’s quality, branding options, packaging, and compare various suppliers and competitors side by side. You’ll learn how to get samples and what to look for when you get them.  

  • EAN & FNSKU Codes – you’ll learn what these codes are, where they’re used, and where you can get them from. This is simple and straightforward information, designed to minimise any confusion. 

  • Payments – in this lesson, I provide detailed information about the most popular payment methods used when dealing with suppliers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method and my personal insights and advice on choosing a payment method that works for you.  

  • Shipping – hidden shipping costs can wipe out your profit margin in one fell swoop. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to choose the best shipping method based on your order size, how to avoid shipping cost surprises, as well as tricks to minimise your shipping cost per item—no matter how small or big your shipment is!  

  • Negotiation – in the final stage of supplier talks, you’ll learn best practices to consistently negotiate pricing, order quantities, and payment terms.  

  • Supplier Verification – a detailed guide to verifying your supplier to reduce your chances of getting scammed. You’ll get options for free and paid methods of verification that you can use to cover any situation. 

  • Placing an Order – in this lesson, I’ll walk you through the actual order-placing process, documentation, invoices, and everything that goes with it to make sure you’re not getting scammed and receive the exact goods you have ordered.

  • Pre-shipment Inspection – you’ll learn the most effective way to check the final production run BEFORE your goods are sent out to you! I include tips on how to save money on pre-shipment inspections and best practices of product testing. 

  • EORI & Customs Clearance – the final pieces of information you need to know about importing goods from abroad. EORI registration, the customs clearance process, and taxes are all explained in this video lesson.
Module 3 is carefully designed to walk you through the entire process from choosing a supplier to receiving your products. This A to Z blueprint was created based on 15+ years of hard-won experience (and costly mistakes) from dealing with hundreds of suppliers. 

By the time you finish this module, you’ll have a repeatable strategy for finding the best manufacturers for your products, and you’ll be able to securely place your orders to guarantee the exact goods you ordered are delivered to your door.
Module 4 - Branding
Module 4 goes hand in hand with the Product Sourcing module, as you will need to start the branding process as soon as you start working on finding suppliers.

The whole idea of having a private-label products business is to create your own BRAND and then apply it to products and packaging to create own unique products that stand out with on Amazon marketplace.
In the Branding module, you’ll learn about:
  • Your Brand Concept - how to create a BRAND that is specifically tailored to your perfect customer. You’ll learn how to create your customer Avatar and generate clear guidelines on what your Brand is about. Having a target customer from the outset means your product will resonate with certain people and stand out among the masses of products available.  

  •  Name Ideas - in this video, I share my tried-and-tested methods for coming up with brand name ideas, including concepts that do not require you to use any brainstorming power.  

  • Domain Names – this lesson covers everything you need to know about domain names, the registration process and extensions.  

  • Trademarks – an important video lesson for anyone who wants to create a highly valuable Amazon business that is approved by Amazon’s Brand Registry. This lesson utilises real-life examples, tips, tricks and strategies for trademark validation and registration process. 

  • Name Validation – this lesson covers all the checks you need to do before a brand name is considered valid and properly register-able.

  • Designs – not sure of the best way to create a professional logo and packaging designs on a budget? This lesson includes a very special offer and access to my own designer, so that you too can create amazing design sets for your business.

  • Social Media – a quick guide to managing social media accounts, creating account names and the registration process for newly created brands. 

  • Landing Pages – this lesson takes you through the fastest and cheapest way to create a quick landing page for your new brand, including ways you can actually start taking orders directly from your landing page—outside of Amazon’s scope.

  • Amazon Brand Registry – you’ll learn what it is, how it works, why you need it, and how to register for it! I highly recommend all brands get registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry to get extra protection on your intellectual property and unlock extra selling tools like Enhanced Brand content and Amazon Stores.
As with all other modules, I guide you through the Branding process, step by step. This module is designed to help even a complete beginner put forward a professional looking image. There are lots of elements that go into the brand name creation process, and if you’re not careful and thoughtful at this stage, you could end up with products that you can’t even sell!

There’s lots of nuances when it comes to domain name selection and trademark registration, so using my experience and strategies will help you minimise your chances of failure. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any prior experience and have never registered a domain name before in your life, I’ve been there and done it, so I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

By following my process, you will save hours of time and stress on branding and design, giving your products the best chance of standing out and succeeding on Amazon.
Module 5 - Listing Creation
Presentation is everything when it comes to creating a successful Amazon business! If you don’t have absolutely AMAZING product images, your conversion rates will be very low, which will affect your sales and rankings.

Keyword research is equally important, so knowing exactly how to optimise your listing titles, bullet points and description is crucial. These need to be keyword rich and compliant with the Amazon policy in order to increase your chances of getting high rankings. I’ve done hours of research and testing on product listings, saving you time and money on lost conversions.
In this module, we’ll cover topics like:
  • Product Images - I will share my own product photographer’s contact details for those super high-quality images on a budget! 

  •  Keyword Research – you’ll learn how to do keyword research properly, WITHOUT spending hundreds of pounds on expensive keyword research tools.  

  • Title – how to craft keyword-rich listing titles that get the most clicks in search. 

  • Bullet Points – many sellers don’t realise how important bullet points are, so they don’t optimise them for maximum keyword visibility and sales. Not you! I will show you exactly what to do with bullet points and how to format them properly.   

  • Description – most sellers on Amazon completely overlook the power of great product descriptions and lose out on rankings. In this video lesson, you’ll learn how to write killer product descriptions that increase your sales and rankings at the same time. 

  • Product Pricing – you’ll learn how to properly price your product, how to use the various pricing options that Amazon offers, and how to avoid the mistakes that most sellers on Amazon are making with product pricing. 

  • A+ Content – upon successful registration with Amazon’s Brand Registry, you’ll be able to create powerful visual product descriptions using images and professionally formatted text and subheadings. Using real-life examples, you’ll get an in- depth understanding of how it all works and how you can make it work for you!  

  • Amazon Stores – setting up an Amazon store is an extra feature that unlocks with Amazon’s Brand Registry. Again, I will guide you step by step through the process and show you how easy it can be to set-up and customise your very own store on Amazon’s platform. 

  • Promotions – there are a number of built-in promotion tools that Amazon offers to sellers, and you should take advantage of them to make your listings stand out more in search and, of course, increase your overall sales! 

  • Bonuses – in this lesson, I’ll guide you through a powerful strategy that I use to connect with customers, increase feedback and review count. You’ll learn how to create and give away free, digitally downloadable bonuses to your customers. I’ll share my own experience and best practices on how this works, what tools you need, and how to set it all up so you stay compliant with Amazon’s rules.
By the end of this module, you’ll have all the knowledge and practical tips you need to create AMAZING product listings on Amazon that will help you dominate the marketplace and achieve high conversion rates that essentially put more money in your pocket every day!

And, unlike other programs on the market, this NOT all theory!

I reveal one of my own Amazon businesses so I can show you exactly how I do all the things I teach in this module. Using real- life examples, you’ll learn directly from my experiences, successes and failures, so you can jump every hurdle with ease. I follow the practice-what-you-preach model, and you’ll learn exactly how all these elements come together on live Amazon listings! 
Module 6 - Fulfilment by Amazon
The Amazon Sharks concept is all about using FBA for goods storage and order processing, so you don’t have to stress about dispatching orders in time, missing deliveries, managing returns, or any of the usual problems that come with doing fulfilment on your own.
In Module 6, we’ll take a deep dive
into Fulfilment by Amazon:
  • Directly from China to FBA – is it a good idea to send stock directly from your supplier to Amazon? This module will answer this question in detail and provide strategies to guarantee your shipments hassle-free, while making sure your quality checks are done. 

  •  Courier Delivery – how to find and use a courier delivery for sending stock to Amazon, the best courier companies to use, how to save money on these shipments, and more! 

  • Pallet Delivery – you’ll learn everything you need to know about pallet deliveries to Amazon FBA! While more preparation goes into pallet deliveries, this is the cheapest and most effective way of sending stock to Amazon when your business grows. Make sure to watch this video, as there are several important rules on pallet types, size, weight, size, and delivery companies that you need to follow to avoid your deliveries being rejected. 

  • Labelling – this lesson covers the best labelling solutions for Amazon sellers. Starting from basic printer setups and A4 sheets of label paper, all the way up to specialised thermal printers and software to process all Amazon labels in bulk.  

  • Long Storage Fees – tips and tricks on how to avoid paying long storage fees from Amazon! 

  • Order Fulfilment Outside Amazon – you’ll learn my method of using FBA for non- Amazon orders. 

  • Inventory Management – in this video, I will show you how to manage inventory levels, plan purchase orders, liquidate unsellable stock, and other strategies for making inventory-keeping a breeze.
Once you learn how Amazon FBA works, you’ll understand why this is the future of eCommerce. Running a business can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. When you learn from the experience of someone who has already jumped every hurdle ahead of time, you drastically cut the time, effort and resources needed to run a successful business. Your business will practically run itself, without you lifting a finger! You can take a day or week off whenever you need because no one will notice!  
FBA is THE reason why I LOVE my Amazon businesses so much! It operates around the clock, delivering my products to customers, allowing me to travel whenever and wherever I want, spend more time with my family, and also gives me peace of mind that orders, shipping and returns are all taken care of for me. There is no other marketplace platform that operates on the scale of Amazon that has built-in seller support like this. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who want to take it.
Module 7 - Ranking
One of the key parts of making your Amazon business work is to get your product listings ranked high in the search! Very rarely do customers search beyond the first page of results, and the majority of sales are made by the top three to five listings. So, obviously, our goal is to get our products featured as high in the search results as possible!
In this module, we’ll cover topics like:
  • Ranking System Explained – it’s very important that sellers fully understand how Amazon’s search algorithm works. Without this knowledge underpinning your decisions, you won’t know exactly what to expect from it and, most importantly, what you can do to help rank your listings as high as possible in search. 
  •  Seller Feedback – this lesson walks you through everything you need to know about seller feedback, how they affect rankings, and—most importantly—how to set up your business operations so you receive more and better feedback than your competitors!  

  • Product Reviews – these are one of the biggest ranking factors for listings on Amazon! I will reveal exactly how I get customers to leave glowing reviews for me—on autopilot! I’ll give you my exact email templates, tools and strategies, so you can use them in your business! 

  • Launches – the complete blueprint I use for successful product launches that shortcut my products through the ranking process.
There are many myths floating around the net on how to get your products ranked on Amazon. I won’t give you any false formulas or promises—instead, I will show you how to use solid, white- hat tactics to consistently and repeatedly build your rankings and secure long-term success.
Module 8 - Sponsored Products
Pay Per Click advertising is very confusing to many people, but if you want to succeed on Amazon, you simply have no choice but to learn how to use Sponsored Products ads!

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Instead of spending hours researching and reading about complex PPC software or tools, I’ll give you a solid system and an easy-to-follow strategy based on how I effectively use Amazon Sponsored Products to increase sales and profits!

I’ve tried and tested every strategy myself, cutting out all the legwork for you. All you have to do is implement it!
The topics we’ll cover in this module:
  • Sponsored Product Ads – you’ll learn the basics behind most popular ad type on Amazon, how they work, as well as how to effectively and efficiently create, manage, edit them. 

  • Sponsored Brand Ads – this is an advanced ad type for people who are registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry.  
  •  The Strategy – my simple but effective method of creating, optimising and monitoring your ad campaigns. This is the most important video in this module, and it will teach you exactly how to create captivating ads, set bids, track results and make paid ads on Amazon work for you!  

  • Optimisation – in this video, you’ll learn how to use testing and implement optimisation for your listings to further increase your conversion rates and margins on paid advertising.
I truly believe that my tried-and-tested system and my approachable style of teaching will allow ANYONE to get started with sponsored product ads and using them as an effective tool to drive traffic and sales to your product listings on Amazon.
Module 9 - Advertising
Amazon is a top shopping destination for hundreds of millions of people around the World, BUT you can do even more to draw extra shoppers to your listings by doing some outside marketing activities.

In this module of the course, you’ll learn the simple but effective strategies that drive targeted customers to your Amazon listings.
We’ll cover topics like:
  • Landing Pages – how to create captivating landing pages for your products on a budget —or for free. Why landing pages are critical to your success and how to optimise them for maximum conversion rates.

  • Facebook – how to use Facebook for building customer lists via contests, paid advertising, groups and other channels!  

  • Order Inserts – you’ll learn how to use coupon codes and physical paper inserts to get repeat sales, as well as what you can and can’t do on Amazon regarding product inserts! 

  •  Influencer Marketing – this lesson covers how you can use the hottest marketing strategy—influencer marketing—which is perfectly suited for Amazon businesses and can yield very good profits if done properly! 

  • Pinterest – discover how to use Pinterest to target eager shoppers via pins and paid ads. Very few businesses are actually using Pinterest in the UK right now for physical products, so there’s lots of opportunities for low-cost, highly targeted traffic! 

  • Instagram – another great platform for any physical product business! This lesson covers how to do Instagram marketing, how to get your first followers, and how paid ads on Instagram work for Amazon businesses.
This module will show you how to kick your Amazon business (and your income) up a notch by getting even more customers to your business when you have topped all traffic opportunities on the Amazon’s marketplace itself. 

You’ll also learn about advertising channels that are NOT effective for Amazon products, and how to pick the right channel, with highest ROI for your specific business.
Module 10 - Conclusion
At this stage, you’ve gotten the most comprehensive Amazon FBA education on the market. You think you know it all, but I have a surprise for you—there’s MORE to it! 

In the last module of the Amazon Sharks course, I have created a number of video lessons that are equally important to your business success as, say, Market Research. However, these are the very lessons that most people overlook, as they don’t think they’re that important.

I have been working in eCommerce for practically all of my adult life, and some of the lessons you’ll learn in this last module of the course will be real eye-openers—in fact, they’ll probably transform the way you look at doing business online forever.
Some of the topics we’ll be 
covering in this module are:
  • Cheating on Amazon – when it is ok to cheat on Amazon, and what kind of cheating is totally unacceptable? This video will save your account from getting banned, as well as teach you how to play by the book and still be crushing your competition.  

  •  15 Reasons You Could Fail – failing to plan is planning to fail. If you know the 15 reasons most new sellers fail, you can plan ahead and completely avoid these mistakes before they even occur!

    Nothing is more important to me than my students actually using the Amazon Sharks material to create a real business that generates real sales by learning from my successes and failures—so, this video is designed to help fast-track you past every potential hurdle and minimise your chances of failure. 

  • 80/20 Rule – how this classic principle applies to Amazon business, and why it will guide you throughout your business growth.

  • Building a Business – while getting that first product on Amazon is important, it’s only the beginning. To make your dream a reality, you must to create more than just one product listing. This is not a one-off gimmick and you’re not a one-trick pony—you’re creating a real business here, and I will show you exactly how to do it with Amazon.  

  • Customer Support – even though you’ll have very little customer interaction on Amazon, there are still instances where you will have to deal with customer problems, such as bad feedback or reviews. In this video, I share best practices and strategies that I personally use to keep my customers happy and minimise any damage done by bad feedback or reviews, should they occur.  

  • Time Management – we all have 24 hours in a day, right? Yet some people seem to achieve more in a year than many others do in their entire life. Why is that? Why do some people struggle for years to get a business off the ground while others seem to just effortlessly achieve it?

    In part, it comes down to how we manage our time and get things done. By following the Amazon Sharks blueprint, you’ve already streamlined the process of getting your Amazon business off the ground; now I’ll share my personal story and how I managed to crack the code to take control over my 24 hours every single day.  

All of the lessons in Amazon Sharks based on my own experience of running successful online businesses since my early 20s, and many of the strategies I share with you are highly practical and designed to be immediately actionable. This module is not about theory—it’s about real-life, tested strategies that simply work.

The Amazon Sharks course will take you from absolute zero to successful private-label product business in just 10 modules!

As you can see, I have really put my heart and soul and years of experience into producing these videos. There is no Amazon course as comprehensive and structured as Amazon Sharks.

And that’s not all! I have two more BONUS modules to share with you:
BONUS Module #1
International Expansion
The beauty of starting an Amazon business is the MASSIVE scale it represents! You can start selling on Amazon UK today, and once you are set up and making sales, you can expand to other Amazon websites. That’s the beauty of Amazon Sharks too—it’s a repeatable, reliable strategy you can do over and over again with the same product, same images, same descriptions, but with access more customers.

Amazon offers a number of tools for sellers who want to take on international expansion, and I will cover these and more in this Bonus Module of the Amazon Sharks course!

There are separate videos covering:
  • Amazon Europe 
  • Amazon USA 
  • Amazon Canada 
  • Amazon Australia 
  • Other Amazon Marketplaces
While Amazon has built a very robust platform that works in the same way across the globe, there are still small differences you need to be aware of before sending your stock to international marketplaces. 

In these videos, you’ll learn the most important things to keep in mind when expanding internationally, and you’ll gain new ways to minimise the costs of expanding your business on other Amazon websites.
BONUS Module #2
Manufacturing Paradise
This is probably my favourite module in the whole Amazon Sharks course! Why? Because I have personally built several businesses using this very concept!

What I like most about becoming your own manufacturer is that you completely control every aspect of the product sourcing process. Also, this business model allows you to create truly unique products that easily stand out in the marketplace, which means you don’t have to compete on price and can build a loyal customer base that LOVES your brand and the products you produce!
Here are some of the topics
covered in this module:
  • Introduction – this lesson breaks down exactly what this business model is all about, how it works, and whether it is suitable for you or not. I also share my personal story and successes I’ve had using this concept.

  •  Product Ideas – I share dozens of product ideas that can be transferred into actual businesses. PLUS, you’ll learn actionable methods for finding your own, unique product opportunities by identifying the latest trends in your product category.

  • Equipment – you’ll learn everything you need to know about the most commonly used equipment for this type of business model. This lesson covers basic machinery, as well as more professional and expensive equipment, so every budget level is covered. 

  •  Long-Term Strategy – this lesson details exactly how to turn your product idea into a sustainable business by selling on Amazon, eCommerce and even offline shops. You’ll learn to start dealing with wholesale customers and much more!
While this business model won’t be suitable for everyone, I know that for many people it will be a real eye-opener about the opportunities that are out there! This concept is also very suitable for sellers on smaller budgets, as the initial financial outlay can be very small, depending on what products you choose to work with.
Amazon Sharks is a COMPLETE Course
for ANYONE Who Wants to
Start a Successful Amazon Business!
Get ACCESS to 1st Module
absolutely FOR FREE! 
*** 7 DAY FREE TRIAL ***
Cancel Anytime To Stop Subscription
to ALL 10 Modules TODAY!
It is often said that “only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” I have invested hundreds of hours in this video course, carefully curating the best and most actionable information based on my own business, the hard-earned experience of others, and tried-and-tested insider tips and tricks.

I’m so happy that I can finally share my process with you. My goal with this course is to give you the same opportunity I’ve had—the opportunity to work hard and change your life by finally building the business you’ve been dreaming of.

In my opinion, Amazon FBA is the best online business opportunity right now, and thousands of people around the world have already proved this by building six-, seven-, and even eight-figure businesses on Amazon—from scratch!

The best part is that Amazon UK and Amazon in Europe are still in the very early stages of development, which means the best is yet to come! And we’ve seen exactly how this opportunity plays out by looking to sellers on Amazon US. 

Right now, you’re ahead of the curve on this opportunity. Over the next five to ten years, the major players will be established in most product categories—so don’t look back and wish you’d gotten in early! Seriously, chances are there won’t be an opportunity this obvious and accessible to the average person over next few decades.
OK, so now we’ve covered what Amazon Sharks is all about and exactly what you get. You’re either in or you’re out. If you’re in, you want to know just ONE thing: how do I get access to all of this right now?

First of all, let me tell you how the Amazon Sharks course is delivered. All of the video materials are hosted online, via a secure members-only website. When you sign-up to become an Amazon Shark, you’ll be sent your login details and a link to the member’s area where you can access the module videos:
You can choose to stream the lessons online or download each one to your computer if you don’t have high-speed internet access. But not everyone consumes content best in video form, so I’ve also added an MP3 download option and made a PDF transcript available for every single video in the course. 

You can download the MP3 file and listen to the lessons on the go, or you can use the PDF files if you prefer a physical copy. It’s all about how you learn best.

I personally recommend doing the primary learning by watching videos and only using the MP3 files and PDF transcripts to repeat the material. Obviously, I can only show you what I’m doing on screen via the video format.

All videos are created in FULL HD format, so the resolution is high enough that you can even watch them on your TV and still get a nice and crisp image.

But it doesn’t end there—let’s throw in some more bonuses!
Let Me Help You With ANY Questions
That Come Up During Your Journey!
Yes, that’s right—when you join the Amazon Sharks course, you get FREE access to my personal support system. In the exclusive member’s area, there will be a special widget that you can use to contact me anytime you hit a wall with your business.

If you have a question or simply need advice on something you’re not sure about, you can ping me a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, with a response. This support system will save all the conversations we have and will also email my replies to your inbox. Together, there’s no problem we can’t solve.
This is a bonus that you can’t put a price tag on! I have been active in this industry for many years now, and I’ve personally helped thousands of people launch successful online businesses. This is unique opportunity to take advantage of my knowledge and experience for no extra cost.

Every question will be personally read and answered by me—I don’t outsource to anyone else! Also, you can rest assured that all our conversations will be kept confidential and won’t be shared with anyone else.

While many Amazon courses provide a free Facebook group, students quickly discover that the course creator is rarely active or responsive in the group. I’m personally invested in the success of every student—I want you to succeed—so I offer direct access to me, your Amazon mentor, as you build your online business.

I have said many, many times that my ultimate goal with this course is to create as many Amazon success stories as possible, and I know that personal support and mentorship makes a huge difference for entrepreneurs in every industry.

Ok, that’s support sorted, now how about another bonus?
FREE Lifetime Updates to
 Amazon Sharks Course!
When you become an Amazon Shark, you get access to ALL future course updates—for free! If I add new videos three years from now, you’ll still get free access to it!

Many course creators will release new versions of their course each year, but they don’t actually change the content that much. Often, the only reason they create these new versions is to sell the upgrade to their existing customer base. I won’t do that. I won’t try to sell you an update a year after you have signed up! Be it three or five years—you will get all Amazon Sharks updates for free. Guaranteed.

I plan on releasing new content at least few times a year, as there are constant changes and news on the Amazon front almost every month. Amazon Sharks ownership will guarantee that you get latest tips and updates on the most important developments for Amazon business owners, keeping you at the forefront of the industry at all times.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: Andrew, this all sounds fantastic, but this is thousands and thousands of pounds of content and consulting. Is this course going to cost me an arm and a leg?

Yes, you’re right—it should actually cost thousands to get access to this level of content and support, and yes, there are less substantial Amazon courses on the market that sell for $5000 and even $10,000 without any personal support.

But that’s not the type of program I wanted to create. I wanted to make Amazon Sharks as accessible as possible, while maintaining limited availability so I can provide incredible, first- class support to all Amazon Sharks students.

Remember, I’m in the business of creating success stories.
Great! So, how much does 
a spot on the Amazon Sharks course cost?
You get lifetime access to all 10 modules—which contain over 100+ carefully structured video lessons—bonus modules, personal support, access to my personal designer services, and all future updates for just £99 per module—a fraction of what you’ll earn from your Amazon business!

That’s correct—right now, the full Amazon Sharks program is available for just £990!
Who Amazon Sharks is NOT For!?
Many people are not used to investing in their future and success. They’re happy to read dozens of cheap business ebooks and take free courses, but they never seem to actually take action to build the business they’ve been talking about for years. I would honestly say that if £99 per life-changing, business-building module feels high to you, this program is probably NOT a good fit and you should stop right here.  
This comprehensive program fast-tracks students through the process of building their business, so I’m only working with students who are 100% ready to take action.  
In my experience, the students that do best are the ones who are in a mindset of spotting opportunities that will create a return on their investment. If you’re not in a place where you’re ready to invest in building your business, you’re probably not suited to the Amazon-style business—after all, this business is all about learning to spot great opportunities that will create a massive return and jumping on them!
Amazon FBA Sales December
Program Structure and Time Investment
The Amazon Sharks program is structured into 10 modules that build upon each other.

Every person who embarks on this program has different skills, different budgets and different schedules. I’ve estimated that it will take the average person between 100 and 200 hours to complete the program in full. Whether you’ve got an hour a day to build your business or you batch it all at the weekends, there are no time limits or restrictions. The modules, videos and bonuses will never expire, so you don’t have to rush anything—you work at your own pace and around your own schedule.

The good news is that you don’t even have to pay the full £990 today! I’ve structured a payment plan that allows you to pay just £99 per week via PayPal for 10 weeks. A new module is released weekly, and after that, you’ve got access to the full program for LIFE!

Modules cannot be purchased separately. If you cancel your subscription before the ten weeks is out, you will lose access to all materials in the program.
No Hidden Costs!  
Apart from the program’s cost, you’ll also need to have a budget for stock—at least £1000. 

You can, of course, start with smaller amounts, but you’ll struggle to gain traction.

Some people may have money to pay for the program itself, but then they won’t have a budget left over for stock. One option is to start the program now and save up for stock as you work through it over the next three months, then launch your business. Whatever your situation, I want to be upfront and honest about the costs involved in getting started.  
All in all, you’ll need at least £2000 to cover the program fee, as well as stock for your first item. Of course, the bigger your budget for stock, the better, as it will open more opportunities for you.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll earn back your investment, and you’ll have a repeatable blueprint that you can use over and over to launch more products and increase your income as much as you want.
DO NOT Miss Out on This Life-Changing
Business Opportunity!
Get ACCESS to 1st Module
absolutely FOR FREE! 
*** 7 DAY FREE TRIAL ***
Cancel Anytime To Stop Subscription
to ALL 10 Modules TODAY!
Still have questions? Please feel free to get in touch with me via my help-desk and I will personally get back to you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. 
Remember, a year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today! :-)

Best Regards,
Andrew Minalto
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